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Step – by – step guide for Erasmus+ KA1 application:


Step 1:

Take a look at our courses and choose for which You are interested in. We suggest making a short meeting in your organization to determine the number of interested teachers and dates as well as to discuss the details of your application process.


Step 2:

Let us know which courses you are interested to take part in by filling in the pre-registration form.


Step 3:

Register at European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) and with that account register Your school at Unique Registration Facility (URF). You can find directions on how to do that here.


Step 4:

Download and fill in the application form before FEBRUARY 5th 2019 (before 12:00 Brussels time = UTC+1). You will find the application form in the menu on the right or if it doesn’t work, download it from the pages of Your National Agency. If you need some help with your application form, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Step 5:

Keep us up to date with developments of Your application. We will need to know from You if Your application went ahead as planned. We will than need to know as soon as You hear the result of Your application which we hope will be before June 1st 2019.


Step 6:

When You confirm Your participation, we will send You all the materials for preparation, logistic support and we will together make detailed arrangements for participation.


Step 7:

Come and enjoy the course!

Deadline for application: 05.02.2019.
* New application forms coming soon!
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