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Pričalica is a non-government, non-profit organization established in Virovitica, Croatia in 2008 with the aim of encouraging, representing and researching drama and theatre education. We believe education and training are an important step towards a better and a more just society and culture is a bridge to get people to live and work together in tolerance and mutual respect. Through the regular programme of our organization as well as our projects we try to integrate, promote and disseminate innovative and creative ideas in culture and education. 

Activities by which we reach our goals are:


1. Research and representation of drama and theatre education as part of education for humanities.


2. Development of theory and practice which researches the interconnections of drama, theatre and education and implementation of positive practice.


3. Education of our members, formal and non-formal on all levels.


4. Education of non-members.


5. Care for respect and professional recognition of our members and authorship of their works.


6. Preservation of material and non-material cultural heritage.


7. Interaction in media and culture.

8. Development and support for civil society based on democracy, communication with respect and tolerance and friendly relationships.



9. Affirmation of non-professional individuals and groups and their artistic works.


10. Projects for encouraging children, youth and adults to think creatively and take an active part in society.


11. Projects to rise awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle and nature preservation.


12. Collaboration with healthcare and social welfare organizations on projects which deal with prevention of deviant behavior.


13. Volunteering actions and humanitarian work.


14. Radio, television and movie production.

Apart from our own local and international projects, Pričalica has been involved as a host organization in over 500 Erasmus+ projects since 2014 and hosted participants from Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Turkey, Estonia, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Austria, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Israel, China and Canada.

Meet The Team

Snježana Lančić-Prpić - predsjednica_edited.png

Snježana Lančić

Snježana is a professional actress and a drama pedagogue from Croatia with over 35 years of experience. She has received a prestigious Croatian award Žar Ptica for the best actress in 2007 and the award for public merits for extraordinary contributions to Croatian theatre and educational drama and theatre work with children and youth. She's our president.

Elvira Koić

Elvira is a psychiatrist with great reputation in Croatia and beyond as a persistent fighter for putting in place preventive and communicative models in care for psychological health of the groups under special risk. She is our vice president.

Ivan Slavić

Ivan is the secretary and the project manager and a coordinator of international projects at Pričalica. He has experience with projects ranging from online collaboration to exchange projects under Lifelong Learning Programme and Erasmus+.

Vladimir Krušić

Vladimir is a theatre director and a drama pedagogue at the moment teaching at the postgraduate course on drama pedagogy at the University of Zagreb. He is the head of Croatian Center for Drama Education and he was a board member of International Drama and Theatre Association.

Saša Topić

Saša is a headmaster of the school in which the employees demonstrated the highest level of satisfaction with their work in Croatia. He has been involved in many international projects ranging from ACES, eTwinning, Lifelong Learning Programme, Szechenyi and Erasmus+ to European Social Fund.

Tomislav Slavić

Tomislav is an Art historian and a pedagogue graduated from the University of Zagreb. He is a passionate explorer of the cultures and emancipatory world views. He believes culture is the new religion. In his work he thrives to bridge the gap between the people coming from different cultural settings.

Dorota Galata-Mlyniec

Dorota is a professor of Business English at Krakow University in Poland. She has long experience in using coaching tools and methods in Business context and she is a pioneer in the application of neurolinguistic approach to teaching and learning.

Damir Miholic(1)_edited.jpg

Damir Miholi'ić

Damir is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Zagreb.  He is also a psychodrama therapist with a European Certificate for Psychotherapy. He explores the possibilities of applying creative media, especially theatre and drama in education, rehabilitation and therapy.

evi croped1.jpg

Evlavia Dimopoulou

Evlavia is a theatrologist with a master in Psychological and

Didactical Methods in Education and a mster in adult education. She is specialized in socializing effects of participative and in particular, drama and theatre methods and activities in Education. She believes in the impact drama and theatre methods have on personal growth and wellbeing of all the people.

Nikolina Marinić

Nikolina is a Croatian language and literature teacher and educational advisor. She has published several multimedia coursebooks for teaching language and literature. She is organizing and carrying out teacher training for the Ministry of Education.

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