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"It was a fantastic experience, which has enriched us culturally, professionally and, above all, humanly. We discovered that each class could be a theater stage!" Mario, chemistry teacher from Italy

''The course on Drama in Education was a great experience for me to have an insight on the topic. We made a lot of simulations, we have met new people and new cultures as well as Croatian culture! We could have a break from our work routine and gained many new skills. Special thanks to Ivan and everybody in Virovitica, Croatia and to colleagues in our group. ' Ezgi, English teacher from Turkey

“I liked the style of the trainer. The topic is very useful. It would be great to take all my colleagues to this course. I think we all must use more drama in the classroom and promote the benefits of drama in education. I would like to say thanks to the participants of the course as well. This gave me great power to continue to work in the field of drama.” Zoltan, drama and ethics teacher from Hungary

"It was very interesting, motivating and helpful for me in my job." Renata, social educator from Lithuania

“It was a great adventure for me to take part in a drama course, to play situations and explore the drama conventions which I can use in my classes.” Marianna, maths teacher from Hungary

„There was a good balance between theory and practice. Interesting lectures by profesor Vlado Krusic and engaging workshops. Support in creating new projects. Cultural program connected with the topics of the course.“ Mariana and Diana, French teacher and psychologist from Bulgaria

„The educational drama is an effective approach. Through educational drama we are gaining experience and knowledge in an alternative reality. It is an opportunity for new connections. It is an opportunity for various behavioral patterns. The teachers should use the educational drama for these reasons. I infinitely thank you for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful course!“ Nadezhda, headmistress from Bulgaria

“I find the course helpful and emotional. All the ideas can be put to practice in English classes with my students. The organization was perfect.” Mariana, English teacher from Bulgaria

“I have a lot of ideas which will definitely help me in my job. The group was great! All the participants were friendly, interested, hard-working and curious. Everything was well organized. The country is amazing!” Jevgenija, English teacher from Estonia

“Enjoyed this course in Split, high quality, good professor, it was good experience. Thanks and good luck!” Zydrune, geography and history teacher from Lithuania

„I think that drama encourages adaptability,fluency,and communicative competence. It puts language into context and giving learners experience of success in real life situations.It gives the students the opportunity for tackling the world outside the classroom with confidence.“ Nurcan, English teacher from Turkey

“Very useful. I learned a lot about drama in education. I really enjoyed. Nice people, always available for everything.” Catia, Physical education teacher from Portugal

“Drama in education can empower students’ collaboration, reflection and independence while simultaneously working on subject content in a happy environment. I learned a lot about drama in education and met with colleagues from different countries. It was a wonderful experience.” Sandra, maths teacher from Portugal

“Through authentic contexts, learning emerges out of the choices and decisions, made during the development on improvisation, strengthens relationship, develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. All contents of the course have relevance and are useful in my professional context. It was also nice to learn about different education systems. I enjoyed every moment, every place, Mario’s and Ivan’s help, flexibility and availability” Cristina, English teacher from Portugal

“I liked the practice, the activities that involve students of all ages and abilities. It offers a different approach to teaching, a more attractive and effective one. I met some great people and made friends with them. We shared experience and learned new methodology of teaching that we’re going to apply in our work. Croatia is a wonderful country with beautiful nature, friendly people and delicious food.” Nina, English teacher from Bulgaria

“I’ve got a lot of practical useful techniques to implement in my work. Brilliant cultural events with historical re-enactments created a deep understanding of the country.” Olga, English teacher from Estonia

“Interesting, positive, useful.” Krista, special education teacher from Estonia

“I really enjoyed all the experience. Good content, good atmosphere, nice people, beautiful country. I loved it!” Andre, physical education teacher from Portugal

„Teachers need to know the elements of drama and drama techniques, to implement them in their creative pedagogical activity, according to the age of children. As a music teacher, I believe that using elements of drama will introduce children into musical art.“ Boriana, music teacher from Bulgaria

“Interesting, full of experiences, knowledge, sensations and emotions. It gave me a lot of ideas. I was enthusiastic and met interesting people” Mustafa, ICT teacher from Turkey

“I improved my English, I became more self-confident, I could say my opinion loudly. Leisure time organization and logistic support were exceptional. I would like to participate in your course again!” Jolita, English teacher from Lithuania

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